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Although you've begun with a very personal and awkward episode, you've moved on to provide a positive challenge to the idea that the best measure of anyone's spirituality is the length of their frown. Well done.
I believe Jesus has a wonderful sense of humor. I think your first example clearly illustrates how devastating bad humor can be, but I thought you needed a better transition between that and your illustration of good humor.
Yes, I also struggled with the transition between your starting incident and the rest. It wasn't a smooth connection for my mind.

The rest was great though. I truly loved the story in the middle. We should definitely ask children what they think more. They have such a fresh perspective. Very insightful. And I love that God has a sense of humour. It's a delight when He makes me laugh.
I enjoyed your observations about Jesus and his good sense of humor. I would however, begin this article with the part about the Pastor commenting from the pulpit, and leave the entire story about the hospital incident out of the article. My suggestion is, it just seems too disjointed to connect the two sections. Good job though, and great conclusion.
I got lost in the first paragraph.I agree it was not "funny".

The switch to Jesus and humor was "out of the blue". I didn't see nor "feel" it coming.

I soon lost interest in reading to the end.
Well done!