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A lovely and heartwarming story. I can see how she is beginning to let God heal her heart.
I like how you took one year's time and nicely condensed it down to a few paragraphs. I felt like I was sharing her memories.
Touching and tender story, I was pulled in from the beginning to the end.

Well done.

God bless~
You are a good storyteller and have a creative flare. I enjoyed your story. Thanks for sharing.
There were a few sentences that seemed unconnected and I didn't completely follow them. I am sure you knew what you wanted me to understand but I didn't catch everything.

That is OK. It is an area to think about. Short times given to writing make careful checking sometime difficult.
A touching and heartwarming story. You have a way with words. Keep writing!
Very moving, tender.
This contains a lot more that it looks. I like the beginning setting and inner thoughts.
I was confused about the plane. (Was it supposed to be the train?) Also, it's hard to understand her thinking of details in the future.
I suggest that you have the whole story looking back over the previous year.
You make good use of your vocabulary for descriptions. I can see you growing in your writing skills, if you keep at it. (Faithwriters is a good place to learn. It helped me tremendously over the last few years.)