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This is so sweet. I enjoyed it. You had several grammar problems, that could easily be corrected. Check out Jan's basic writing, and Ann's grammar.

I'll look forward to reading more of your entries - keep writing.
Awww! Your beautiful story made my heart smile. What a beautiful tribute to your lovely grandparents. It's funny, no matter our age, memories keep us "young."

My mom went home to the Lord this past May. I'm a grown married woman, and yet while she was visiting with us, I still felt like "her little baby girl" especially when she'd cook my favorites.

So, this touched my heart in a big way. Thank you for sharing this tender story.

God bless you always~
The story you told us here was very clearly depicted. I enjoyed your account of the stews of your childhood.
Heart warming nostalgia. I don't think I've ever eaten rabbit, but I'm sure it was a celebrated dish during those hard times.

You don't need to capitalize grandma.
Your story about your grand parents is quite touching. I've heard man southerners tell how good rabbit meat taste. Thanks for sharing.
We learn from those who have gone on before us. And some times the only way to learn is to read what was known and lived by those who have that experience.

Keep bring to us those glimpses of the past so we might grow and learn.
I enjoyed your musings. I felt like you truly took me back in time and across the ocean. My red ink is tiny. When using grandparents as common nouns, they start with a lowercase letter, but if they are a substitute for a name, a capital. For example: I gave Grandpa a hug because I'm glad he's my grandfather. Also, I noticed you slipped into the universal you in the middle. Keep it in the first person. I could smell it (not you); you could use one could smell it if you wanted to differentiate it, but I think I would be best. You did a nice job of covering the topic. Your descriptions were delightful and I enjoyed this read.