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This is a nice devotion. You make some powerful points. God does call us to reach out and help others. It's so easy to be focused on just our own corner of the world. I know that's something I need to focus on more. You have several run-on. Try to separate the sentences a bit and include some of your reactions.
For example, you could do something like this:
Exhausted, I sat on the bus. As it bounced my tired body around, I closed my eyes and focused on the sermon on the radio.
"You cannot claim to love God when your neighbor is in need if you fail to assist when you have been blessed with resources."
I nodded my head and thought about ways I could bless others.

This is just an example to show you what I mean. I'd urge you to find someone who can help you proof your piece. I can feel your passion to share the Gospel with others. While I had a hard time seeing the topic stir in this piece, I do see your passion to share with others. I wonder if the radio preacher' s words stirred some emotion in your heart, and those words, along with the examples from Peter, prompted you to act. I know it's not always easy to translate those musings into an article, but I admire your attempts and firmly believe God is speaking through you. I especially liked your prayer at the end. It quickly became my prayer as well.
A very powerful call to spread the gospel. I love your sincerity and passion!
Good thoughts for us to think about.

We can't help it when the spell-checker don't tell us. (zeal) but put capitals on proper names.

Understanding our part in the Kingdom of God is sometimes hard to know. We know that some people are used to plant the seed while others are used to water the seed but all the time it is God who gives the increase. Our job may be to give our enemies a bite to eat and a drink of water or help our neighbor. God can bring us face to face with what he wants us to be doing - we just need to see it.