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Right on topic - and I think you've stepped on a few toes.
(which is a good thing)
I like the mixture of narrative, thoughts, and dialogue.
Well written.
This is a great title and good for your main character; she obeyed the Lord even though it was difficult. I liked the lesson here.
When my sister passed she left 80 pair of shoes. They were offered to me. But my feet are two sizes bigger than hers. So, I thought your article was fun, I enjoyed reading it. And congrads on taking first place! Sometimes I don't read an article all the way through, I get bogged down in the middle of it. Your story kept me glued all the way to the end. This story I'll remember.
Congratulations to you, it was quite an interesting analogy. The title really peaked my interest to read yours first. I was once in that same space about clothes. Now it seems the more I give away, the more people keep giving me. I rarely ever purchase any clothes. Unless, it's a special occasion. Which if I might add are few and far between. I guess that's the reciprocity of sowing and reaping. We are not to give to receive but the more you give and do to/for others, God will give back to you. The more we worship,idolize, or put others and things before God, overtime we will find it is no longer as fulfilling as it once was. But He keeps us in a place of fulfillment when we prioritize, and keep our hearts and minds focused and desiring more of Him. I really enjoyed it thanks.
Congratulations on winning !st place! Good Job!
Congratulations! Two weeks in a row! Congratulations on ranking 19th overall! Happy Dance!!!