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I liked your explanation of the term "above the fold". I hadn't heard this before and am glad to have learned of it. This is a very interesting story.
I also learned something from this piece. I had never heard this use of fold. And the ending was a surprise. I was impressed.
Christian writers should be careful with their example before others while writing. Writers do not need to be "vulgar" to appeal to the r.

The person saying this: "Damn these internet scam artists, he swore." is taking on the person and power of God.

Healthy Christians should feel "awkward" reading such thoughts. A Word wise author could have chosen:"Disgustedly he thought, I detest those scam artist".

The evil of the day does not have to be revealed by the refined Christian author.
I was slightly put off by the curse word in the beginning; however, I thought you finished strongly. I also learned information about how the newspaper uses code ATF.