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What a sweet recollection of your life with Burt, and how something which seems like such an unbreakable habit can be overcome by love. I liked this story
Nice recollections. I saw a couple of places that needed a comma, but otherwise well-done.
It read like a true life story. I liked it.

In the first paragraph, I think I would use the word appear instead of appeared.

I liked how you used the single quotes (') around your thoughts.

I liked the grandson's name - "Burty".

Nicely done.
I really enjoyed this tender story. It is so easy to be locked into tradition, but I am glad she let her grandson help her in the end.
Congratulations on first place win in the beginner category. This was a heartwarming story of love and compassion. The joy of the grandson getting to help out just as he watched his grandpa do it.
Congratulations on your EC place for this lovely story. You definitely have a gift of writing stories. Keep writing.I imagine you'll be climbing up the levels fairly fast.
Congratulations on your 1st place in Beginners, M. C. It was a well done story, and I can't wait to read more of your writing.
Congratulations on your EC award. It is rare for a Beginners entry to place so high in the EC awards.
Congratulations on your win in EC. Well done.
If anyone were in any doubt about the impact Writing Challenge entries may have, this one is the best example I've come across. It stuck in my memory after reading it, and then when we were packing for a short trip last week, I decided to try rolling. My husband followed suit. Brilliant! We are converts, and it's all thanks to your little article. Deb
Beautiful story, excellently told. I enjoyed it very much.
So glad to see your story won the quarterly award. It was so heartwarming and worthy, M. C.