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Lovely and lively article! You captured the spirit of the word "zest" very well and I appreciate your sharing of your testimony. I'll come watch you at the Cirque; I am sure you will be there someday!
Words of wisdom. Too often people fall in love and think that one day the person might come to the Lord, but they wait and wait. Then before they know it, they themselves have lost their zest for God.

Critique: Perhaps you might want to put spaces in between your paragraphs to make them more distinguishable.

All the best. :)
Fantastic job!
God bless~
Powerful message for every Christian to hear. It is easy to overlook many red flags about a person when you are in love but those decisions can end up with dire consequences.

I knew a women who married a man who she found out was not a Christian and she has prayed for his soul for more than 30 years. She said it was very painful at times being unyoked with a non-believer.

I am glad you have so much zest for life with Christ.

God Bless
Thank you for reminding each one of us that deliberate sin (marrying an unbeliever) has consequences.

Well written life story. Returning to God's way for forgiveness is the only way (prodigal son).
This is a lovely testimony. I'm sure it wasn't easy to bare your heart like that for all the world to see. I admire your courage and know God will use your words in ways you may never expect.

I'd urge you to go back and count the number of times you used the word zest and used exclamation points. I bet you'll be surprised. You don't need to use the topic word to be on topic. Some of the most on topic stories won't use the wordword, but still the stories will be oozing with zest. Try to limit your exclamation points to dialog. Instead, let your delightful word choice do the exclaiming for you.

I smiled when you mentioned the jingle. That one was before my time, but all week I've been singing, "You're not fully clean unless you're zestfully clean." I could feel your passion in your words and think you did a nice job. Congratulations on your HC!
I really like the way you shared your life with zest - then without - and now with returning zest. Many young people have thought the same way as you did, often with sad results.
God bless you with all the ZEST you need to finish your calling - writing as well!