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Oh MY! This is AWESOME!
I really enjoyed reading it,and imagining about this little tree.
Nice rhyme scheme, nearly perfect meter (with just a few rough spots).

In your first stanza, "Its" seems to refer to the year, rather than to the tree.

Your last 4 stanzas really drew me in--I read them several times. The emotion is clearly depicted, but the symbolism is difficult.

All in all, there is much to like here. I'll be returning to this one.
Very nice poem!

Keep an eye on your spelling. "Ageing" should be "Aging".

"Paralysed" I believe should be "Paralyzed".

These are small things, but misspellings could catch the eye of an editor and hurt your work.

Your prose is very good. Keep writing:)
Dear Yvonne, I read all three of your sharings. I love the way you discribe and the thoughts you convey.
Welcome to faithwriters and I hope to read many more of your entries. Thank you for your comment on my last entry; Calendar of my heart.
I know what it is to write about, and in, pain. But we have our Comforter. Your "Little Tree" reminds me of my entry; Restless Seed. Each making a statment!
Take care, God bless, Jacque