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This is quite beautiful. I had a lump in my throat as I read this. It was pure poetry.

I'd encourage you to write out the word, and, instead of using an ampersand. Also in the phrase, traveler's refuse, you forgot the apostrophe to show possession. I also noticed for such a short piece, you did use the word traveler a few times. You may want to consider switching it up with visitor or tourist.

Overall, I think you nailed the topic in a fresh and original way. You painted a picture of the clich, if the walls could talk. I think it was lovely, and it's a story I won't forget. It made me stop and think, which is always a good thing.

I loved this.

God bless~
This was a powerful piece done with a short amount of words. I noticed a few grammatical mistakes that have already been mentioned. This a thought provoking piece.
Well, this got me going with its poetic, well formed imagery. My favourite line was 'My benches were once the measuring rod that found king and peasant equal in their
quest for wisdom and mercy.'
Such creative use of POV and a thoughtful, incisive take on the life of a church.
Will remember this one.