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I loved your title and the way you wove it into the ending of your story.
God gives us exactly what we need at exactly the right time. I enjoyed your story writing and it kept me reading until the very end.
Very nice! I like your story!
You really have a good grip on your characters. I think you did an excellent job of developing them. I even liked the older lady, but I have a special place for lol (lil ole lady was used long before laugh out loud).

The only thing I struggled with was the second hand rose part. Once I wrote a story about the mean girl in the Little House book. I was sure everyone would know who Nellie was. Though I can hear a tiny bit of the song in my head, I really don't know it all or what it means.

That's a tiny thing though and you did a great job of keeping my attention throughout. God puts what may seem like an obstacle in our path and often if we allow it turns into the biggest blessing ever.
A very enjoyable cameo. So true to life.

I loved your intro, and how you developed the story with strong character profiles and a nudge of humour.
Congratulations on your 2nd place in level one.

I really enjoyed this piece of writing and the strong characterization of the MC.
The whole time I was reading your article I was seeing myself standing in your shoes. In fact I think I have a pair exactly like them. Many times I have pulled out of my driveway on a mission for something I really needed only to discover someone else with a greater need. I think your article is well written. The only thing I would do is elaborate more on the description of the lady with the dress. How did she look? Was she disheveled. She must have been talented if she could make a dress from the fabric of a second hand dress. And she must have been very lonely if she gave frequently to TV Evangelists. Isn't it ironic that those most needy are more often than not those who are most giving. Keep on writing. Keep on getting the message of your heart out there. Someone is listening.