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This is a lovely devotion. I like how you share your story. It makes your message stand out nicely.

I noticed a few things, if tweaked, could elevate your piece even more. In the beginning, you make a common mistake of using the combination of one and their. It should be Until one experiences it within his or her own mind... he or she cannot... (or you could make them all plural: Until people experience it within their minds...)
also noticed that in the next paragraph you start with a long passive sentence. Just by switching it around, you can get a shorter active one. For example: I met Peggy at my clinics mental health group.

I think you did a great job of nailing the topic. This is an excellent example of writing on topic without using the topic words. I've suffered from chronic pain and depression. The meds made the depression worse because it was before they realized a side effect of it is suicidal ideations. I commend you for sharing what many would consider a difficult subject. I also liked how you ended with a heartfelt prayer.
The title fits the piece perfectly and sums its powerful message of hope message up. This message, which is amplified by your honesty, shines through your piece, and I hope it is read by many. Well done!
Watch out for long, run-on sentences. Create more hold on the reader by using a variety of lengths - some short, some long, some moderate length.
Overall it's a nice piece, well thought out, and with a message that fits the theme very well.
You have covered a lot of ground with sensitivity and depth, and your writing ministry is going to help your readers to make strong connections with God's grace.
I too endure chronic pain and depression. It is so much worse when I refuse to allow the Holy Spirit to minister to my grief. I love your entry for the honesty and healing you offer. Thank you.
Congratulations on ranking 8th in your level. The highest rankings can be found on the message boards. Happy Dance!