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A profoundly moving commentary in which your entry brings home the topic in a big powerful way.

Amen...well done!

GOd bless~
You make some great points in this mini sermon. I can feel the intensity in your words and your desire to get others to worship Jesus. The main red ink I might offer would be careful about over capitalising words associated with God. Technically, even the God pronouns should be lowercase, but since so many people feel strongly about it, I don't mention it, but starting words like one, begotten, and way with capital letters can be slightly distracted. I also noted several spots that needed commas. There are many great resources. This week on the message boards in Jan's Writing Basics, she lists several resources especially that might help you with commas and other areas of writing. I know I've bookmarked the thread and will look at it often.
Sorry I hit submit too soon. I think you did a great job of matching the Scriptures with your message. This piece is definitely on topic and the ending brings the piece full circle. Nice job.
Thank you for sharing such an inspiring piece. But I must admit, the paragraphs were a bit confusing. I'm not sure if the spacing was intentionally done like that. Also, I think this is an error...or it could be me: "I pray that for the courage of Stephen" should be "I pray for the courage of Stephen." Overall, a well written, solid article. Keep writing.