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I applaud your article and honesty. The phrase 'thick and thin of life' is a wow! Prayers for your wife to fully recover...

Wing His Words
I, too, applaud your honesty. You write well, especially in the first half of this essay. I liked that you kept my attention and that everything was clear to me and organized so that your thoughts were came across.

A small bit of red ink: there are some tense problems. They might have been caused by leaving the -ed off the word " receive" or by the need to add a word to correct the tense. The only other thing is that in the second half I began to lose the organization I so appreciated in the first half.

Othe than those small issues, you have a gift there! So sorry about your wife's health. Health problems are so hard. Keep up your writing!
Oh, sorry about my this and extra word where it didn't need to be. I always forget to te-read my comments for errors.😬
Also sorry about this auto spell corrector on my iPhone that corrects words I initially spelled correctly!
Truth resonates in your heartfelt entry...your message is vital in troubled times as well as good.

I will keep your wife in prayer.

God bless you both~
I appreciate your honesty and empathize with your situation. My husband has been waiting for a knee for almost a year because of infection. God has brought people in our lives to encourage us. I will pray for both you and your wife. May God continue to bring peace to your weary soul.