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All of these examples of contentedness in God serve as a wonderful testimony to the power of God to help us choose his will over our wants. Thanks for sharing.
Fantastically uplifting and encouraging entry...that no matter the issue, God gives strength to all those who believe.

Well done!

God bless~
You did a nice job of showing many examples where people have a difficult situation yet still are able to have a wonderful relationship with the Lord. This is an important reminder for everyone.

Recently in Ann's Grammar Basics on the message boards, she explained why phrases like eight-year-old daughter's abdomen, should have hyphens and an apostrophe. She gives great advice.
I also noticed you started almost every paragraph with the words I know. It may have been on purpose to play off the verse, but if not, I'd urge you to mix up your sentence structures some to give the reader hills and valleys. For example, you could do this: After suffering a bitter divorce, another woman lives alone in dire poverty.

I like the Bible verse you selected. It's a perfect match to your lovely message. You did a fine job of tackling the topic while deserving a message we all can relate to. If you don't know about the FW daily devotions, I'd urge you to check it out and maybe write and submit some devotions. You seem to have a nice knack for it.