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It is good to know that God knows us and understands our shortcomings. Bless you for your honesty. You expressed yourself well. I love that there is always hope in God's understanding.
Thanks for honestly sharing about a difficult time in your life. I'm so glad you made that all important decision to return to His loving arms. Blessings.
Sometimes life is really hard, but the Lord is always there to help us to victory. Keep trusting Him, as He said He will never forsake us.

A suggetion for the one sentence - My soul was numb, but on the second day, I knew I had an important decision to make.

Blessings, LaVonne
What a powerful testimony and thank you for your honesty. You've shown there's no place is too dark for God to reach out and for us to find Him. This piece has definitely blessed me. Thank you.
Share your experience and your conclusions - don't waste his opportunity by trying to teach others what they should do. (There isn't enough word count, anyway.) By sharing your thoughts and feelings, you are just as effective - if not more do - in getting your point across.
Thanks for sharing your faith story. Thank God you chose to follow Him and not take the "easy way".
Thank you for your personal story. I felt your heart throughout this piece and it's an outstanding witness to those struggling right this very moment.

God didn't give up on you and He never's a powerful testimony to hear that His light pierced through the darkness as He held your hand throughout.

I'll keep you in prayer.

God Bless You~
Thank your for sharing your own story so courageously. You have done it well and it will, I'm sure, touch others as it did me.
Thank you for sharing your powerful testimony with others. It is often difficult to share with others how disabling depression can be. I sure this piece will encourage others to find hope in the midst of your pain. Your piece also instiled others to seek help.