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Amen. Only Jesus can fill up that great big hole in my soul. Thanks for sharing and reminding me that only Jesus truly satisfies.
Great piece, and right on topic. A lot of message, packed into so few words. Well done!
What a testimony! Wonderful. Thank you for sharing this.
Watch out for "black and white". While we understand the power of God to make startling changes, our everyday reality says these changes take time. In order to feel more real, don't be afraid to have your MC take baby steps.
Thank you for sharing this story. I wonder, is it your own testimony, or fiction? You have fitted a lot into a few words. Like the previous commenter I suggest it might work a little better to slow the story down a bit as, generally speaking, it takes time for someone to make such a big decision. However, this may be your true story so perhaps it happened very dramatically. Keep writing!
Wow. You made the summary of all life in just a few words. Well written too.

Several of your words suggested that your piece could have been written in poem form.

Have you written poetry?
I like how you built a witness testimony to the "hole in your heart."
Powerfully written and expressed. Amen!

God bless~
I just wanted to thank everyone for their comments. It means a lot to have support. Also, while some of the story is based off my own struggles and journey to faith... some of it is purely fictional; although, something that people do battle with regularly.
Congratulations on your third place ribbon. This was a powerful piece on how one person can change a life with a kind word or gesture.