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This was such a compelling and somber read in which I felt the MC's anguish and the torture in which he endured seeing his loved one slowly pass away before his eyes.

Powerfully written, and if this is a true account my condolences.

God bless you~
This was hard to read through my tears. GOD bless you for sharing this heartfelt story.
A well written, careing and shareing life story. An example to the rest of us.

It seems the problems caused you to recognize and take on "the fear of the Lord" that gave you wisdom.

Use your experience to be a blessing to others.
The emotional struggle is very well portrayed in this entry. I once did light housekeeping for a woman who suffered from supra nuclear palsy (I believe that was the name of her disorder) - the symptoms she had seemed identical to what you describe in your article. Thanks for sharing your story.
Wow this is powerful and beautiful. I could feel the agony and anger. You did an excellent job of pulling me into the MC's world.

I noticed some tiny errors like missing commas after introductory phrases (During this time, her faith...). Also, you want to capitalize proper names like Buddha. Even though he is not the god of God's, it is a proper noun and should start with a capital letter.

You did a wonderful job of writing on topic. This is one of my favorite stories this week. You shared your message in a great and relatable way.

If you haven't already checked out Jan's Writing Basics on the message boards, I'd urge you to do so. She has great lessons for all levels of writers.
Wow! This is a very powerful story with a message of faith and truth. I hope this does well in the challenge.
Wow. So sad, but wonderful writing!
Congratulations on your EC, randy. I am not at all surprised to learn from your profile that this is your personal crisis of faith, as the depth of your anguish rang true in every word of this powerful testimony. I am also glad to see that God continues to fill your life with love.

God bless~
A beautiful, powerful and heart rending portrayal of the reality of your feelings. I felt every word. Congratulations on your 1st Place.