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So sorry for your major loss. Your story is moving and sombering at once...but though the outcome was sad, it give the reader an uplifting message. God sometimes will answer prayers in ways we can't understand, and so your story states.

Thank you for sharing.

God bless you~
Thank you for sharing your heart with us. May God continue to undergird you with His strength.
Concise, emotional and a great wrap up testimonial...
Good job!

Wing His Words
This is a well written, thoughtful story.

Well done.
I truly enjoyed this story. It was a fresh take on envy and one I could definitely relate to. You did a wonderful job of showcasing the MC's emotions and the ending left me pondering my choices and how God answers prayers. You did a fantastic job with this spot on piece.
Congrats Patricia!

God BLess~
Congratulations, Patricia!

Wing His Words
Oh I missed this earlier, but have now been blessed by this entry Good work! And congrats on securing number 2!
Patricia, I appreciate you pouring out your heart about the loss of your husband. I was cheering your husband strength of foregoing drugs and alcohol cold turkey and was devastated when the social worker said no. Since I have felt the loss of a loved one who could not get a transplant, I get comfort knowing that they will be totally healed in heaven--new body and soul. Keep up your heartfelt writing.