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Great poem with a great message! Yes, our salvation is assured but everyday we choose Jesus by obeying him or deny him by disobeying. Did you miss a word in this line:"That bars you from soul" ?
I think it is good how you have expressed this moment of choosing Jesus in the midst of temptation. I appreciate that you have shown honestly that the temptation has an actual allurement and that desire can (and often will) arise in the heart. But the willful choosing is key in such times, as you have iterated. And it is only then that the peace of our choice comes. The peace (represented by the hymn at the end of the poem) cannot come until the choice is set and Satan knows that it is set. So often, when we are tempted, we are also deceived to think that if we don't have peace in the midst of it, we have already sinned or done something wrong. This too, is a trick of the devil. So, I appreciated your expession of the journey of choosing Christ in the midst of a real temptation. Thank you for your work.
Beautifully written. It said it all.
Great poem! Especially the line, "until he laid before me the object of my vice". It's easy to be strong with things that don't tempt us. The real measure of our strength is what we choose in the area of our weaknesses. I love that you chose Jesus!
This is another masterpiece. Your writting is such a blessing.
Great work Nancy! You are a most welcome addition to FW. I'm looking forward to reading more of your wonderful work.

This poem was very vivid and powerful. It expressed the moment by moment battle we face very well.
Nancy, I've already congratulated you on the Message Boards, but want to give another huge congratulations to you here. Not only 2nd Place in the Level 1 Champion Challenge, but also 2nd Place in the Editors' Choice Challenge. That is really quite awesome. So Nancy, it's time for you to move up in the ranks. I would suggest moving up to the Advanced Level after doing so well. You are definitely ready for it. With love, Deb (Challenge Co-ordinator)
A very Powerful Excellent Inspirational writing.By God's Grace I will always choose the One who died for me.Jesus'Love is so Amazing and Beautiful.Let us all continue to keep our Eyes on His Lovely Face.In Christ,Dee.
Hi again Nancy. I'm just doing the final editing for the FaithWriters' anthology this poem will be going into, and need to check something with you. Could you send me a quick note at [email protected]? It's just a query about the second line in the fifth last stanza. Love, Deb
Awesome Nancy! Where is that pen of Life we are missing?

Love, Pat