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This was well done and moving in the way you phrased it, delivered it, and closed it.

God bless~
Been a long time since I last visited New Orleans, and you brought back some fond memories. You really had my salivary glands pumping with your descriptions of some good food, so you definitely did something right there. I had to wipe the drool off my laptop. lol.

Great job on this piece. Some folks might not be up on some of the vernacular you used, but to me, that made it more authentic. I'll be waiting to read your next entry. You have a fan.
Great descriptions. I've never been to New Orleans but I still could feel the atmosphere you created with your words.

I have a feeling that you'd better pack your bags and get ready to move up a level. :)
Beginner? Pshaw! This is worthy of the Masters level. Not being complimentary - just stating a well deserved fact. Bravo on a colorful and thrilling read . . .
I agree with Judi. The skillful descriptions and clever telling of your story made this a highly enjoyable piece. I'm looking forward to reading your future entries.
And here's another in agreement with the comments about being well written, creative and deserving of a high ranking. Great job!

God bless~

God bless~
very descriptive article of NOLA where I once lived. Brought me right back there.

To go further and relate to a Christian theme, you might describe how some people are so lost and in pain that they are drunk or homeless and are looking for something (easing your soul was good) and that the answer all along is right in the middle of sin city, the St. Louis Cathedral and the door is always open,just like Jesus is.

good job
Well done; beautifully evocative piece of writing. Uncomfortable (in more than one sense!) You have really captured the progressive nature of gluttony well