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Great job!

Well done, God bless~
The good thing we can still eat good food. We just have to watch all the snacks and quantities we eat. My problem I hate to see food wasted.
I love this! It's very thought-provoking and you've taken the topic beyond over-eating, going to the deeper reasons why gluttony is wrong.

With poetry, you've got several elements. You've got rhyming scheme (or not, if you choose to go with free verse), number of lines per verse (or, again, write it as one verse if you wish), and meter. That's the number of syllables per line and where the stresses fall. This is what gives poetry its musicality. Often there will be a pattern. Again, in free verse, this doesn't necessarily apply. You've nailed rhyme and verses, but you've got different numbers of syllables and stresses in different places.

Jan has done some brilliant lessons on this, which are well worth a look. There are some brilliant poets on this site - if you look at some of their work, you'll see what I mean about meter.

I love what you've done here, and I look forward to seeing more of your work. The technical stuff can be learnt, but inspiration can't and that's a gift you clearly have. Blessings, Kat
A poem that teaches
A poem that preaches
A poem that reaches
A heart the deepest.

Nicely done.