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This brought tears to my eyes. I sense it's a true story as I can feel the love emanating from the page.

I noticed you switched voices. Sometimes you used first person singular (which in my opinion works best), then you'd switch to we or the universal you. If you can find someone to proofread it for you (or a critique group), she might have caught that peddle should have been petal (at least I'm almost certain you meant that) and some of the incomplete sentences.

Those are tiny things though. At first, I wasn't sure if you were going to be able to pull the topic into it, but you did a great job. As a parent, I pray I never experience such an event, but I imagine I'd be quite desperate to do something as well. I loved your ending. Often people tend to struggle with a great ending with the limited word count, but I think you nailed it.

If you haven't checked out the message boards, there's a great thread called Jan's Writing Basics. This week the subject is common writing mistakes. Jan is great at offering feedback to everyone who posts.

I look forward to reading more of your work!
Touching and hauntingly beautiful entry, with an inspiring depth of reality and faith throughout the entire solemn read.

God bless~
This too made my cry. Beautiful.
God bless~
And, my deepest condolences again.

God bless you all~