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You had a lot of great points here. The analogy of the Law and the constraining neck tie was excellent! My husband is a neck tie rebel too. :)
I've gone back and forth with wearing a tie and then not, and then back to one of those torturous adornments again. Your parallel to the mosaic law as a restrictive tie, I think enhanced your message of grace, which frees us from the written code. And I was pleased to see you didn't forget to include the important obedience-out-of-love point. Good piece, kudos.

One observation, I believe you may have used the word, "Necktie" a little too often in the beginning two or three paragraphs. You shortened it to "tie" later on, and that was good, but I think you might want to change a couple of the other "neckties" into different words that would still refer to the object. You could really get creative that way, or perhaps use something simple such as, "one of those decorative strips of cloth tied around the necK."

Keep on writing you have the knack!