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It seems well thought out and put together. It is something that could and does happen in a life situation.

God's grace is many times connected to the forgiveness of sin and the preparing of a person for a place in heaven. At other times it can refer to the help or favor that God gives.

Find your interest and keep writing.
A very realistic story told in an "authentic tone."

I appreciated how you incorporated "Jesus" and His saving grace within the story. The reality of "his not being able to get past" the horrific incident, and having "difficulty forgiving himself" is scenarios that is quite common with those who experience them.

Good job with the storyline.

God bless~
Great story! Very believable - good job! As this appears to be written as a slice of life story, as much as possible I would try to keep it in the present tense unless referring to some past experience. For example: You wrote, 'The sun was now below the roof tops and the night sky was beginning to settle in. I heard that snow was on its way and I could smell it in the air. Im on my way to the shelter to get something to eat and hopefully a bed for the night.' This could be re-written to say, "The sun is now below the roof tops, and the night sky is beginning to settle in. I hear that snow is on its way. I can smell it in the air. I'm on my way to the shelter to get something to eat and hopefully a bed for the night..." When written this way you pull the reader into your slice of life and move them forward in real time. Just a suggestion.
Very powerful. I was sad the character was unable to forgive himself. We find it so hard to accept Christ's forgiveness and it prevents us from moving forward, and from fully receiving God's love. Good characterisation, realistic and relevant. Thanks for a compelling read.
This is a powerfully accurate depiction of pain, grief and regret. It sets the scene for a much longer story, for it would be good to read more about your MC's growth.
Congrats John,
God bless~