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Awwww! I loved this! It was so cute, creative, crafted with precision in a fresh and fun way. Well done!

I really loved it. Thanks!

God bless~
Glint is a wonderful and lovely article. Glint sparkled in my mind. Well written.
Very nicely done, and the title is great! It's amazing how a creative title can spark interest in reading a story. I enjoyed the plot and final resolution. Glint's thankfulness at the end was heart-warming... One suggestion - let this story sit for a few days, and then go back and read it slowly out loud. When you do you will be able to spot any minor grammatical problems that need to be addressed. Thanks for sharing your creative story.
A lovely tale. The story is well structured and the title intriguing. I could see this as a picture book story.
My heart is warmed by any teen who likes to write -- and this was real good.

Someone else mentioned the title was good, and I agree, it caught my attention the first time I scrolled down the list.

Keep up the good work and KEEP WRITING.
For someone who enjoys fantasy I really was engrossed in the story. Well done little dragon you have definitely earned your wings
Oh this is delightfully imaginative and fun to read! Thank you for the romp . . .
Loving you in and through and because of the Christ, Judi
1 Timothy 3:16 KJV
I really enjoyed this. I loved the idea of fire-polishing the cave; that sort of little detail turns a story from good to amazing. I look forward to what you bring to future challenges!
Delightful story--you won't linger long in "beginners."
Well written, Doug.
You did well in creating good characters, an exciting plot, and perfect ending.
I can see this expanded into a whole novel, with other adventures for Glint.
Keep writing!
I enjoyed this little story. I hope it makes it into a magazine or book of short stories. Youngsters will like it I am sure. Keep writing.
Congrats, I loved this story!

God bless~
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