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There is a lot of passion in your words. It tugged at my heart several times. I think many can relate to the scared child living deep within us, popping out at inappropriate times. Because it was to be written in an autobiographical genre, the third-person voice threw me off slightly. I realized you were talking about yourself, but I'm not sure if everyone will get that right off. You definitely went outside of the box. I enjoyed the freshness of the topic. I also liked the Bible verse at the end. It pulled it altogether for me. I know sometimes readers will skip over a story if it starts with a verse, but I wonder if it might help those who don't get it right off if the verse were to be placed in the beginning. The verse speaks volumes and everything clicked and left me with a lump in my throat. Your words touched my heart and the little girl in me totally related to the MC's voice.
Beautifully written and totally relatable!!
Wow---an incredibly well written piece that truly shined from the first to last word.
Creative way of approaching the topic, and immensely moving.

God bless~
Congratulations Brenda!

God bless~
Brenda, this is such a beautiful piece and so recognizable in our own lives. You have a great gift for sharing from a personal place. Keep writing and God Bless.
Also, congratulations on your HC. Very much deserved!