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I really enjoyed this "almost to real to be fiction" story.

Those of us who are not aware of Asperger's Syndrome are a little more enlightened and thankful for the care these parents of these children show their children.

Very well written.
Tender poignant look at life with those who care for and have Asperger's. Your entry came across with love and delivered a good message for those who aren't aware of this condition...and this has an authentic voice, so I know this is based on reality.

Well done...thank you.

God bless~
This is quite beautiful. I still have a lump in my throat. You did a wonderful job of filling the story with a sense of suspense. You also did a great job of making both the MC and Jacob come to life on the page.

It may be just because I do quite a bit of editing, but the incomplete sentences like Blissful ignorance but with an under current of somethings off.
and But the language.
distracted me slightly. The artistic side of me thinks you might have done it to create an atmosphere that gives the reader a glimpse into the autistic world, but the analytical part of me wanted to correct it. If you haven't checked out Jan's Writing Basics on the message boards, I'd encourage you to do so. She has several threads that talk about things like that and is a wonderful teacher for all levels of writers.

You did a fantastic job of sprinkling the topic throughout the story. I also caught subtle analogies to the difference you noticed in Jacob to cats and dogs. Sometimes they don't always get along, but are beautiful and precious in their own right. Of course other times, they mesh in perfect harmony and one can't imagine one without the other. You have a lot of depth to this piece and I (both parts of me) thoroughly enjoyed it.
God bless~