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This was great! I truly delighted in this read.

God bless~
I liked how this was build on a historically significant incident.

Very good compromises based on animal behavior.

Entertaining story situation.
This is very creative and well written. I enjoy the humor of it, knowing cats & dogs don't rationalize their behavior. Maybe humans could take a lesson for this story? Blessings, LaVonne
That was delightful! So clever and witty. It made me laugh throughout. I liked the "salsa" words (guerrilla, sacrosanct, etc.).

What a fun read!
I really enjoyed this! Very clever.
I really enjoyed your original take on the topic. I could totally picture this all unfolding. Part of me is torn between using words and phrases that some may not understand like: Neither had any respect for the other, thanks to polemic emphasising the other species freakishness, drilled in since kittenhood/puppyhood.
Part of me thinks it would be better to put it more simply like: Misty and Guinness made me understand the cliche' "fighting like cats." On the other hand, I understand the legalese helps with the whole idea of drawing up a peace treaty. There were spots that were difficult to understand and I found myself having to stop and reread or even google some words or expressions. Generally, I think it's better to not break the reader's concentration. Your word choices, however, did make me smile and it felt like a real document that lawyers would hash out. You have a delightful sense of humor and it certainly comes through in your writing. You definitely nailed the topic and did so in a way that stands out and one I'll remember later. You had a nice beginning where you showcased the conflict right off the bat. Your ending also was quite good. I liked how you came full-circle. Overall, this was a delightful read. You did a fine job with it.
This was a very interesting take on the topic. I love the uniqueness of the story...combing history, personalization of animals, and sprinkles of applicable truth make this piece awesome!
I smiled.
I enjoyed this--just wondering which animal wrote the agreement!
Whimsically smart piece. I loved the usage of Entente Cordiale, however the intro took a little away from it (for me) in its later usage. And, oh wow, how have missed such a fabulous word for so long? "Sacrosanct." You've actually added to my vocab! I'll pay you later, maybe. Good work.

This is wonderfully fun! What a great idea and you delivered it perfectly. Great timing with each article.

My only bit of red ink would be to agree, somewhat, with what others have written here regarding the opening. I think the piece would be great if you just started right off with the articles. They are so funny and descriptive that I believe everyone would get it right away and it would be more of a surprise, I think.

However, there is nothing wrong with how you did it, and if you are going to have an intro, then I think the complicated legalise you use fits the piece very well.

Overall, this is one of my favorites this week. Great, great job!
Totally believable, living with a cat and dog myself!
Totally believable, living with a cat and dog myself!
What a fun read!
God bless~
Congratulations on recognition for an excellent story!
Nicely executed and unique approach to the topic.
Congratulations on your well deserved win.
Congratulations on placing 1st in your level and 12 overall! The highest rankings can be found on the message boards.
Thank you so much everyone for all your encouragement and especially for red ink. It means so much. God bless
well done. creatively written. nice to see you rising through the ranks
Awesome! Great read, and definitely deserved the first place ranking. Congratulations.