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Oh how I loved that. To me the rhyme was smooth and steady. We often forget or chose not to mention the part Joseph played in Jesus' life. It was crucial. Thank you for reminding us beautifully.
Joseph is not typically the one I think of when I think of obedience. Many seem to remember Abraham more. I really liked this! Thanks, and God bless,
Carol, Joseph was such a good example of obedience. I wouldn't have thought of him for it - but he really was. First when he was told to marry Mary in spite of her pregnancy, and then when he was told to pack up and move his family to Egypt. But I just wanted to let you know a couple of things for future Challenge entries (although they didn't cause you to be penalised this time). The first is that all entries have to be anonymous as far as the body of the article goes. That's so the Judges won't be influenced in any way by knowing who wrote the entries. So to ensure this anonymity, could you just make sure that you don't include your name in the submission area of your entry. It is shown as belonging to you when the entries all go public. If you want to put a copyright notice on it, just put the symbol and the date - not your name. The only other thing is that all entries are meant to be written that week - in response to the topic. That's the most important part about the Challenge - it is to stretch writers each week to write to a theme. So as this was a couple of years old, it really wasn't in keeping with the spirit of the Challenge. As I said, we didn't disqualify or penalise you in any way for this, but if you could just keep those things in mind in the future, that would be great. With love, Deb (Challenge Co-ordinator)