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A good take on the topic. It's hard to think of what to say at the time we need it, isn't it?

I would start this pieces at "I am the proud owner of four keys." Your story gets really interesting starting there. We don't really need the upper paragraphs telling us about what kinds of keys, etc., although I love the reference to Mayberry.

Good job, keep writing!
An entry that bears reading again and I did! It was an interesting approach to the topic, which you nailed completely and then some.

Well done! Loved this.

God bless~
I enjoyed reading about the little bits about keys. At one time I had a whole ring of them.

Each little section seemed complete and the transitions seemed fitting.

This may be in your next piece about keys. Jesus gave Peter the keys to the kingdom. Peter used the keys as he preached the gospel news that those who believed that Jesus was both Lord and Christ could be baptized for the forgiveness of their sin and they would be ushered into the kingdom by being given the Holy Spirit.

You did a great job. Keep it up.