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This is one of your best so far. Your detail and dialogue is fresh and original, and as usual, your storytelling is superb. This one should make the judges sit up and take notice.

A marriage made in the eyes of the Lord is always one made in heaven. You describe that very well.

Blessings, Lynn
Excellent story Robert! This is one of my favorites so far. Great message, meaning and witness to the Lord's love.

Well done. Keep shining His light.

I look forward to seeing how this scores...I really love it!

God bless~
There are more than 53 "God's will" for us in the Bible. (An easy one to find is: Love one another.

We should live by these each day of our life. If we won't do these little ones, will God call on us to do a big "God's will" in our life?

This is a nicely written story. Knowledge about that time in history was needed and well used.
A very well written article with an excellent message!

With His blessing, marriage is a heaven all its own.

So good of you to remember our men and women in uniform.

God Bless you my friend!
This is an interesting story. It shows that the Lord will preserve the lives of His own for the purpose He has for them.
This was an awesome story!! Military couples have so much to contend with, and it was very refreshing to read one that had a happy ending.

Reminds me of the verse that talks about a chord three strands, representing marriage. Husband and wife both separately walking with God, growing closer to him, and as they grow closer to him they grow closer to one another.

Excellent piece!
Way to go my good friend.

It won't be long, as you think, that you will be out of beginners and on your way to masters.

Excellent story. A few little blips that can be fixed by re-reading.

Super job.

Talk to you soon.

Great story! I was worried when that second blast went off! This story hits close to the hearts of many military families, especially the young troops just beginning families.

One suggestion, try to limit military jargon that everyone might not understand. Not that you did much of that with this one, except some folks might not understand what a "battalion sweep" means. You can always use military terms and then find creative ways to explain to the readers what they mean, so that it will appeal to a larger audience. Hope that helps in some way. All the best!
This was like a Daniel Steel Novel! Such violence and tragedy, yet at the same time, a tremendous love story...all entwine with God's saving grace. Keep writing.