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Nice job!
I loved your entry, fun and creative.

God bless~
I liked how lively this poem was, and all the "peppery" (ha ha) words sprinkled throughout.
Mine is all salt but I take it as a blessing.

For uniformity have the same number of lines in each group. It make the reading easier and flows smoother.

You had several areas in your piece. Make the transitions smooth and definite. This helps the reader grasp the meaning of each part.

If poems are what you like, keep writing to find your own style.
I absolutely love the first two stanzas. They feel strong and bold, like something Shakespeare would have written - a classic. Just excellent writing skills. It seems like there is a change in focus and energy at the 4th stanza, though, and it doesn't quite maintain the same boldness after that. Still great writing and great message, just not as powerful as it started out. Love your writing style and hope to see more from you!
Poetry is not my thing, but you had some good thoughts there. Keep up the good work. God bless.
Very interesting. Your poem transitioned into a little philosophy at the end, part of the noble aging I suppose.
Your comments ware priceless! I feel the wee white hairs crawling blindly through the darkened strands . . .

Throw a "brick" to garner plaudits, helpful advice, sweet encouragement and, best of all - make new friends!

God bless you and your work for our Lord . . .
God BLess~