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What a creative approach to the topic, good story telling! Well done!

God bless~
A nice "Out West" story. We don't get many of them any more. Good work

Reading other "Westerns" or living out West helps one put all the parts together.
I love the dry humor, the characters and the story line. I'd definitely read a full length novel about these people. Nice work.
"Boy howdy" that was great story. I loved how you brought the characters to life. I can't understand how you are in the beginning level. You will move up. Can't wait to read your next one. Great job. God bless.
Best butter them biscuits real good, and slather them with lots of honey! You indeed have a slew of reads to go through, but I somehow feel they won't throw you into the yucca like this threw me. What fun!
I really enjoyed Shinbuster. It was engaging, humorous, and exciting. Keep writing. You've definitely got talent. I really liked your creative take on the topic.
Great story and dialog! I don't see Salt and Pepper though...
Great story- your enjoyment came through. I got the salt/pepper combo.
Yeehaw! I love this type of story. I was raised on westerns and shoot-em ups from a preteen. It was slightly loose in fitting with the topic, but I didn't mind that at all. Realistic dialogue for the characters, who quickly became likable. I don't know how well this genre does today. But I will always enjoy it. Good job!
Great story and excellent dialogue. One or two run-on sentences and maybe a few punctuation issues, but nothing that can't easily be fixed with practice.

What you have, that can't be taught, is a voice. I could hear your dialogue in my head and I could picture your characters as clear as day. If you can do that, sentence structure and punctuation are small obstacles to overcome.

Great job!
Another one in the Winners Circle!

Wing His Words
God BLess~
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