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This was well-constructed and an article to which every mother of teen girls can relate. Paragraphs I liked a lot: P. 3 and 4 (nicely worded) and P. 9. I know about "The Look" and the tone of voice that could wither poison ivy. Liked the words "Oh, this is a Mark thing. I can handle this." and "just one more cosmic imbalance to set aright." Just when all seems to have been you say, "Sigh". Good insights.
Lots of cute things here, but what I liked best was the cat's name, Clawdia. Wonderful.
I really liked this story..Mother of the year award. I think that is an understatement. Nice title, great story. God bless ya, littlelight
Wonderful story, well conceived. Watch the tense shifts.
Yours was one of my top picks this week. Kudos!
This was so good. I really enjoyed reading it. In fact, I had to read it a second time.
I like how you talk to your garden! Very well done. I enjoyed it.
Everything about this was wonderful, realistic, and creative! The character development, the dialogue, "Clawdia" great! All of it!!!
Great! I don't have teenage girls but I was a teenage girl once upon a time. I've given my fair share of Looks to my mother over the years!
An enjoyable read. I also loved Clawdia and the way she talked to her plants. Nice job!
Wonderfully energetic story, good sense of place, believable characters, true to the dynamics of a family, strong message without being preachy and keeping to the theme. Favourite line: feeling like I was trying to hand feed a crocodile. Sooo glad I dont have daughters. :-) Yeggy
I will join in the praises of victory for your article. There were a couple of places where you switched to a new paragraph even though it was still the daughter speaking, particularly after she told her mom that she had no clue...check that out.

I have been searching for something that would grab my attention, you accomplished it! Great job!
Ah - the trials and tribulations of life with a teen (sigh- 9 more years to go lol) Very well done :)
Ditto! You really don't need any more accolades...but when they pass out the Merit Badges, I want to be in this Fan Club saying..."I told you so!"
Kudos! Great for a Beginner!
Great title and skillfully written...
Congratulations on your win this week. Glad to see the judges and I were in agreement! Kudos.
Delightful! Absolutely Dee-lightful! A hearty congratulations!!
Congratulations! Very real piece! :) Karen
Those nasty vines Worries & Anxieties choke far too many roses from our garden. What a priceless image. And I'll bet God hears us a petulent teenagers far too often. Great job. Congratulations.
See? I Told You So! If you take note...I said I wanted to be in print saying Congratulations...and I told you so! (Shocked that this was written by a man, however).
Really...I thought you were a mom! Bravo!
Nice story. Nice title. Bravo. Well deserved win.
Well, what more can I say?