The Official Writing Challenge
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Great informational piece geared toward the topic.
Well researched and well written.

God bless~
Thanks for sharing this interesting information with us.

You did a nice job with the topic. Well done.
You condensed a lot of information into a short article.

Time transitions were smoothly made carrying the theme forward.

We will remember some of it as we move along in time.

Nice article.
This is an interesting paper about pen and paper. You gave a lot of information in the limited word count.

I noticed some of the lines needed a bit of tightening. The more you write and read challenge articles, the easier it becomes. Most authors aren't used to a word limit, so participating in the challenge is a good way to hone those skills. To give you an idea of what I mean, I tightened up one of your lines: In 1200 BC, the Chinese invented ink by mixing soot, lamp oil, gelatin, and musk.
Just by a simple restructure, I cut the word count by one third.

You did a fabulous job of tackling the topic. Many people struggle with writing on topic, but you presented it in a fresh and educational way. Your piece had a clear point and was enjoyable to read and learn more about the objects that God gave us to use in many positive ways. Nice job.