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Well written and well done.

God bless~
First, I am new at this. Take my comments in that context. Reading your article I felt like I was watching the news on TV. Your fiction speaks of today's realities. This is good. Not being used to the format you used I sometimes had trouble following your thought, had to reread. Didn't catch it all at the first read. Simple brained people such as myself can get confused without much difficulty.
Can we put ourselves in a current historical scene and then forecast our demise and fateful end?

Well written story poem of this week's historical setting and then looking to the future to our hopeful end.

Sad but interesting and inciteful.
This is such a powerful piece especially given the recent tragedy. You did a fine job of describing it without being too grisly. Though you mention the topic, like so many others I've read this week, the topic isn't immersed in the story, but more retold with pen and paper. Perhaps if you could have shown the only true way to capture such a scene is with pen and paper and not through the cold digital technology. I believe that's what you were going for, but I'm not sure if everyone will understand that. Using pen and paper makes the words more alive, more filled with emotion. You did capture my heart and I found myself praying for the families. You did well by them. God bless.