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You just described my husband and I to a "tee." We are the ying and yang of couples but God always helps us pull it together. I enjoyed reading this but I did miss the connection with day and night so I'm assuming it's implied.
Nice portrayal of marriage. I enjoyed this piece. Good job:)
I get it - different as night and day! :) I had some smiling moments and enjoyed reading this. Good ideas and comparisons, but had a few areas that seemed unclear like: "my food was still sitting there." I didn't get that one exactly, unless you meant that it was inedible by the time he was finished. There were also words here and there that didn't quite work for me like "consumed by the moments" (something like that). But, it was actually a very clever painting of two very different people who love each other.
Picture perfect.

Well written descriptions by picture words. We can hear your conversations at these times.

True to life.
"Tabasco & ice cream" I love it! Great job and wonderfully written. Nicely done.

God bless~

God bless~