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As one interested in anything to do with WWII, I was intrigued by this story. I found it a bit confusing with so many different characters present and different scenes, in such a short story, to figure out who was saying what and when. But that's an easy fixperhaps a longer story in the works? Good effort.
Who knows how many countless prayers of faith went up during that conflict. Nice job!
I have never commented on my own articles, but feel that I need to do so.

I did a rush job on this article. The Lord has shown me that I should write articles that honor my brothers and sisters in the armed forces.

I will from this day forward, take whatever time is necessary to deliver and article that honors the Lord and those who have given so much for all of us.

I owe this to the Lord, to those in our armed forces, and each of you that writes articles on the Faithwriters site.

deliver an article..not and article
Hello my friend. I was drawn into your story right away. The enemy's friendly fire is reminiscent of how the Lord fought for Israel, causing the enemy to kill each other. Good work.
Knowing a little history set the stage for this story.

Keep doing what you seem to be best at unless the Lord leads otherwise.

Another fascinating story honoring those in the military. As always, good detail, imagery, and emotions straight from the heart.

Good job my friend. Keep writing for His glory, and keep shining His light.

God bless you~
An excellent story. Your dedication to our servicemen is honorable and their service needs to be taught by a believer.
Thank you for your interesting stories and facts. I am learning a lot about WWII from you!
Keep up the good work and God Bless!
This is a fine story. Your storytelling shines in this epic of the Battle of the Bulge, and I for one, think you have a gift for retelling and bringing it alive for us all these years later. Keep up the good work, friend. Blessings...
You did good! Congrats on 3rd place. This is marvelous! Blessings...
Congrats, Robert! So very proud of you! :)
Congrats Robert on a job so well done!

I'm thrilled for your accomplishments and your amazing God gifted talents.

You're on your way!

Blessings to you~
Hi Robert
I was interested in reading your next entry and there it was. Even with your own comments on it. Ha. Don't worry. You are dong well. God bless you.
You know, no article I write is the same as the one I finally deliver. In fact sometimes they are as different as night is from day (Ha) Most articles I write, I leave them laying around for a day or even two and rarely do I like my first article. But it's a start. I think and pray about it and usually get a much better understanding of what I actually want. To me, writing is a work of the Spirit. If God's not in, it's not worth it, and believe me, He sometimes is not in what I cook up. So I have to toss it out quick.
I like your stories and they are only getting better. I agree with the first writer that you confused me a bit with the many characters in the short space you had, but as she indeed stated, it's easy to fix that. It's a very interesting subject and being from Holland where all this happened just before I was born, I grew up with much of this. God bless you. Keep going. Much love to you.
Kind regards
Nicely researched and written!

Well done and congratulations!