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A very different approach to this weeks topic. Interesting, and well done.

God bless~
I like your out-of-the-box approach! You remind me of me! I mean this as a complement! I had to read it a couple of times to fully get the message. This is not a bad thing whatsoever. Good articles should make the reader to dig deeper to find the meaning. All-in-all, an excellent article from a fellow "Beginner"

God Bless!!
Oh wow, this is great. I love your wonderful physiological approach. And you nailed many of the key necessities of being a friend, as well as, well-practiced communication skills.

I have a feeling this will do well. Thank you for a delightful read. More, More, More!
This is well written, interesting and true. We as Christians always come back for more. That's what we do.

Very well done.
Beginner? Not for long. You write very well - is your tongue unstuck from your cheek?

I enjoyed this muchly . . .
Very creative, brilliant take, I enjoyed very much!
This looked straight out of one of those films from the '60s that they used to make us watch in to avoid the bomb, how to win friends, how to avoid drugs, etc. I could almost hear it as a narration with one of those deep voiceovers. :)

Great job. You not only came up with a creative and inventive way to tackle the topic, but you stayed true to your theme, with a appropriate ending, not as easy as it sounds in a piece like this. You comedic timing was excellent as well.

Great job!

This is a well researched and well written practical guide. It is guaranteed to work.

One caution though. You should be careful so this material does not get into enemy hands. I am afraid it can be quickly decoded and used against us.
Very clever and creative treatment of the topic, with a slight touch of CS Lewis' Screwtape Letters. Well done, for it should rate very well.
A very cleverly written twist to the topic. I wondered how you were going to introduce 'Bestie'; but you didn't disappoint.

My red ink, lol, is that you left out one very important thing to avoid. Do not become part of FaithWriters, it is sure to bring a smile to your lips and an encouragement towards friendship. lol

I think this is brilliant. You have a delightful sense of sardonic humor and I enjoyed every word. I like the back door approach to the topic as well. It was creative, fresh, and a pure delight.

God bless~

God Bless~
Very inventive article. I enjoyed the irony.