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Loved it! Well done. And yes...Best Friend indeed!

God bless~
There have been a lot of stories this week about Jesus being our best friend. While it's true we couldn't hope for a better friend, it's important to tackle the topic in an out of the box way. I think you did that with the dance scene. You have a subtle sense of humor that I really enjoyed.

I noticed some spots where you could tighten the sentences up some to match the tempo of your story. For example your first line could be like this:I don't know this song, the lyrics, or the tempo.

You definitely nailed the topic while still delivering an important message. You left me with a warm fuzzy feeling. Nice job.
I like what you say here: "He counsels me, comforts and reassures me, teaches me, instructs me, convicts me but NEVER EVER condemns me. It doesn't matter how 'piggy' I acted, He's always willing to forgive and forget and more, He washes me of all the dirt, re-clothes me in His righteousness".

He teaches us, the Holy Spirit convicts us but it is our heart that condemns us. This is what forces us to turn again to him in repentance and ask for forgiveness of our sin unless we have turned our back on him completely.

I am thankful that we have been given the Holy Spirit in our lives when we were baptized to help us follow the teachings of Jesus.

Also, you have a very vivid way of showing you life with Jesus. Thanks for sharing.

God bless~
Thank you everyone. I really appreciate all your reviews, comments and critiques; they have been insightful.

God bless you.