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I really enjoyed your well written story. I could see all of the characters spring to life by your description, and felt the excitement from the children.

This unique story fit the topic completely in a subdued, yet powerful way and allowed an important message to filter through at the right moment.

Great job! I pray this does well.

God bless~
Way to go! Loved the development and the lesson.

Seems a lot of us forget there are people we all know that could use a helping hand up at times.

Keep up with the Blue Ridge Hillbillies and their old fashioned look at Christianity. :)

God Bless!
I would like to read Chapter Two of this story.

These comments are now from my own childhood experience(about 1950). I liked an author by the name of Lois Lenskie (sp).(Strawberry Girl was one of her books.) she wrote in a (I think I can say this.) southern hillbilly style of talking. I loved reading her books until one of her new books was written in regular English. I didn't like that style for that type of setting. I didn't finish that book and I couldn't find any others written in her old style. Maybe that is when I quit going to the library.

I wonder what this story would sound like if words were spelled like I imagine they sounded. (I hope I am not out of line in anything I have said. I just really liked the way her books were written as it made it seem the kids in the story came to life.)
AS always, your storytelling talent shines through on this one. Love these Toe Top stories, with his friends. Their relationship comes alive on the page and warms the heart. This is one of your best so far, and the best is yet to come.

Great writing, friend.

Many Blessings, Lynn
Robert, sorry I missed your entry earlier. It is definitely a good one. I have an acquaintance in Virginia who hunts for ginseng every year. Keep on writing!