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Beautifully done. Such a gracious yet blunt way of handling all the gossip. God's on words used to rebuke the ladies was far more affective than had the pastor's wife done so in her own words.
Well done and well said. I really enjoyed this creative take on the topic.

God bless~
You listed several areas that can be turned into gossip. We should all be made aware of these so we avoid any trace of these in our own words.

I felt little uneasy about the transition from the information in the first paragraph to the rest of the story. In this story the Bible leader very successfully "converted" the wayward ladies while in the opening paragraph they were force to leave that church. This just felt strange to me.

When the Bible is used to teach on sin, there can be two possible results. Either the people will be made aware of the sin in their lives and repent or they will choose to remain in sin choosing to accept the consequence at the judgment time.

This was a good story to illustrate how easy it is to be tempted to agree with other's comments and ourselves "fall" into an evil habit.
A very well written article that dealt with the subject at hand nicely. The title of the article sums it all up very well indeed!
You did a great job of weaving the right scriptures in the right places. Keep up the good work!
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