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Clever story that's on topic and wildly entertaining to boot. You cerainly know how to tell a good tale! I could just see the congregation's faces as this scenario unfolded.

For overall entertainment value I'd give this two thumbs up.

God bless~
Terrific, funny, story. This is certainly an "Omnishambles" to be certain.

I like the way you told this very entertaining story. The dialogue was great with humor and finally, the true word of the Lord.

Thanks for a really great read. I always enjoy your articles.
A good fun read, which reminded me of when a prison chaplain who met a prisoner named Joshua "Are you the Joshua who made the sun stand still?" he asked.
"No sir, I'm the Joshua who made the moonshine still!"
Actually, this is just like a scene from the movie "Angel in My Pocket" starring Andy Griffith made in 1969.

But, yes, it is funny.
Robert has informed me he has never seen the movie "Angel in My Pocket." He is from North Carolina where moonshiners once thrived. I am sure this is an original story, and a very good one at that!

This similarity is merely coincidental.
Good Tale! Puts me in mind of the summer I spent in Franklin county Virginia, which boasts itself as the moonshine capital from back in the days of prohibition. I met a guy who still makes "hooch", only they call it "shine" in that area.

Keep on writing!
I didn't say it wasn't an original story. I just said that either in the movie or on the Andy Griffith show, I saw a similar scene where men were making moonshine in the church basement and the still blew up.
It is a fantastic story and it made me laugh! Cudos to you and God Bless!
What a great example of how God uses situations to connect the dots in a person's life. This story was funny and uplifting and a good read. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
I am "still" guffawing! Funny, creative and so on topic.

An excellent funny story told in a wonderful voice.

To help improve your writing, which the Challenge is all about, here's my red ink.

Use of speech marks is very important. In paragraph five there are two people speaking without separate speech marks: all from you? Well Lester-Ray,...

It is also best to separate the speakers by a new paragraph.

This would have made your story much easier to read and given it greater impact. The structure will always help the story.

Having said that, I don't want to take away from an excellent ability to tell a good story. You are a good story teller.