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You really have a gift for writing these riveting stories. Well done, once again my friend, and on topic as always.

Keep shining His light.

God bless~
Great story with a powerful salvation message. I don't remember who authored the following quote (it might even have been General Patton), "There are no atheists in fox holes" but it applies to your story. (To be honest, I somehow missed the First World Problem connection. Feel free to send me a private message and share the connection. I'm a little slow at understanding things sometimes.)
I went back and reread your story to figure out what I was it! The first line really sets the pace for the first world problem. Sorry I was hasty. Keep writing!
Nicely done. Great truths and message. Love the setup and the sense of place and of course, the ending is something to celebrate.

Keep up the great work!
It has the sound of solid historical background of the time and place.

This helps get the reader involved.

We never know when the opportunity to share our life with others may come.
Good story here. You opening line is great! War is such an emotional and frightening topic. But then these stories can also make us stand and cheer. I liked the possibility of the angel troop.

I think you might have used "Dalton" once too often in the 3rd & 4th paragraph. Try experimenting with different ways to identify who is speaking or who you are referring to without using their name. For example, if you just told us the man recently enlisted, you might call him the "new recruit" at the next reference.

Be encouraged today in knowing that you have a fan! Keep up the good work.
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