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This is a wonderful story and well told. Can't wait for your next one.

A suggestion: Your opening is a little too drab. You could begin with the conflict. Perhaps the faint voice pleading for help. Something that will grab the reader right away. You can fill in the back story later.

Keep on submitting entries!

Oh I loved this from beginning to end! My kind of story. I loved the characters, the calm to the hysteria, and then the calm again. It was an adorable ending.

Great job. You have a natural talent for story telling.

God bless~
I agree with the previous person's comments about the opening. As a matter of fact, I think you could cut the entire first paragraph and that would help free up enough words to transition more smoothly from a panicky delivery into the love story. Just my two cents.

Aside from that, and an out of place present-tense reference, it's a good story that I really enjoyed. I like the character of Frank and your narrative and descriptions are excellent.
Writing is all about creating situations as well as characters. You have done that very well.

If this piece would be planned as a short story, you could start out with the wedding scene but while he was walking Miranda down the isle he could remember back in time to where it had all started. You could fill in many stages of Miranda's life - both good and bad.

Frankie could then be brought back to the present when the preacher has to ask a second time, "and who gives this woman to be married".

Good work.

See what else it might become as a practice.
Beautiful and intense story. I love how it unfolded from a normal day to anything but. Quite a creative take on the topic.

One red ink comment is to go through your entry with a fine tooth comb and remove any excess words. For instance in this sentence "Frank was humming as he was driving down the old road..." you could just as easily say "Frank was humming as he drove..." which not only tightens the story, but gives you an extra word to play with if needed. It's a lesson I learned last quarter and has helped me immensely.

Great story.