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Wow - this gave me chills up and down my spine! Praise God and His hands of grace.
Amazing story in content and in delivery. Thank you! And, Praise the Lord!

God bless~
Well written story. The only thing I would advise is not to give too much away in the title. Coupled with emphasis on TJ not getting to go at the last minute, the title tells too much of the outcome... Would make a nice devotional, coupled with the right scripture. Keep writing!
Stories of the past all have meaning in the present.

You might correct one place. One has "my wife and me". The other has "my wife and I".

The story has a good message for all of us.
We are always amazed at the way the Lord works. TJ's initial disappointment must leave him wondering how God saved his life. You presented the story in a most interesting way. I have to disagree with the former reviewer on your use of "My wife and I" and "my wife and me". You used them correctly as one is the subject of the sentence and therefore "I" is in the nominative case and the second "me" is preceded by the preposition "for" and therefore you are saying "for my wife" and "for me", the word "for" being understood before "me". We never say "for I" unless "for" is used as a conjunction.
I really like your style of story telling. And I know that it will continue to get even better, the more you write. I enjoy hearing stories from the south U.S.

Many times wse think we're getting the short end of the stick. But God always gives us the end He knows is best for us. Good job! Keep them coming!