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Beautifully done! It reminds us all of how the military "family" protect us all, and how many sacrifices they've made and continue to make for us.

God bless~
Wow - there is no way you should consider yourself a beginner writer - this should be in the advanced category! I loved this start to finish - great job, very believable - so when are you starting your novel - or have you?
I really enjoyed your subject material. I am an Army vet, though my harrowing experiences took place along the DMZ in Korea. (Not during the Korean war)

One thing we talk a lot about here in trying to help nurture each other along in our writing, is showing the story rather than telling it. It's not always easy. One suggestion is to try and show what your characters are feeling by their facial expressions, body language, etc. You could show fear, trepidation, national pride, relief etc. all by what they do and how they look.

I hope that helps a little. Keep the great stories coming!
I suppose I should have mentioned earlier that you do have a great talent for writing. But if you're like most of us, we want to keep getting better. I look forward to your next entry. Keep on submitting the great stories.
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