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Beautiful words of encouragement along with an inspirational message. Excellent devotional...thank you.

God bless~
I saw a lot of my once newly saved self in these words. Praise The Lord that He does not give up on us. I think with some further work this could be stellar.
Interesting thoughts put forth in this article on faith and the importance of keeping it focused on Christ. I would try to break this up into a few paragraphs separated by a double space to make it easier to read. Another trick that works for me is to go through my writing and look for the word "that" - and see if I can eliminate it. Its amazing how easy it is to use the word 'that', when we don't really need to - it just helps tighten up the writing by removing peripheral words that aren't necessary. (Hey I just used the word 'that' - but in this case it was needed).
Have each paragraph deal with one main thought.

Separate paragraphs for easier reading.

It is recorded of Peter saying "With many other words he warned them; and he pleaded with them, "Save yourselves from his corrupt generation".
All who accepted Peter's message that Jesus is both Lord and Christ were baptized for the forgiveness of their sin and they were given the gift of the Holy Spirit. They became Children of God and the Holy Spirit ccould help them understand what sin is so they could avoid living like this present generation.
I love your emphasis on the negativity of religion and true gift that Salvation in Christ rewards. This issue is often avoided by most Christians but is so critical in moving us into a life of true faith in God. Fabulous devotional!!