The Official Writing Challenge
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Thank you for your story leading you to where you are today. Things don't happen by accident, you're correct...all preordained by God.

So glad you're a part of Faithwriters. I felt it a personal honor to be allowed into your world. Thanks!

Good job with this, and a very unusual approach to the topic at hand, but truly on target!

God bless~
I enjoyed reading your "writing journal" experiences. God grant you patience and persistence in reaching your writing goals. I did notice one typo in your piece - the line where it says 'It takes disciple to say no.' - I think you meant to say "it takes discipline to say no." Keep writing, and God bless you involvement with
Ooops - I meant to say God bless your involvement with!!
This is very different for an entry here (a good thing) Thank you for sharing this heresomething we relate well to. Keep on submitting!
God gives us our talent and he also gives us the time.

Think of King David. He was a writer of poetry but he was also one who learned to play the harp, he also took time to learn to use a sling-shot, he looked after sheep, he shot and killed a giant. Did I also say he was King? In all of this he wrote.

God gives us out talent and he also gives us the time to use our talent. We must use our time wisely.

Keep writing for God's glory.

Keep your heart in heaven.

Keep you eyes in his word.

God bless~